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I recently had the opportunity to try the new cold subs from Firehouse Subs. Let me start by saying that I typically do not prefer cold subs. When I heard they were doing them I was very skeptical because to me, all cold subs taste basically the same. With that being said, I am a huge Firehouse fan so I was going in with an open mind. We sat down with the franchise owner to learn a little bit about the inspiration behind the idea to go cold and learn more about each sandwich. They were looking to reach a new audience with these subs. Whether it’s tailgating, buying lunch for the office, or just preferring cold subs, these subs will fill that need. They actually use different bread for their cold subs, which I thought was interesting. They also toast the bread to help it stand up better. There are 2 types of bread based on the sandwich you order, the standard white bread and garlic asiago cheese bread.

The first sub brought out is one of their best-selling hot sandwiches, the Hook and Ladder Hero. If you are a fan of the hot sub, I’m sure you will love the cold one as well. We were immediately in love with this sandwich. All of the ingredients were perfect and combined very well together. With the bread being toasted, it was a little warm and had a nice crunch. We already like the hot version, and now we love the cold one! I don't know which one I like better to tell you the truth.

Next up was the Malibu. With the ingredient list, this one already had us very intrigued. We took one bite and knew we had a winner. We both were raving about it the entire time we were eating it. I loved the avocado and the spicy honey mustard added nice flavor to the sandwich.

Our next sandwich had an awesome name, Battalion Chief. This one is a little simpler than the others, but it really brings the flavor thank to the spicy horseradish mayo. The spice level is low, so don't worry about it being too hot. It's just hot enough to let you know that it's there.

 The Sicilian was up next. I'm not a huge fan of peppers so I was a little scared going in, but I ended up really enjoying this one. I think the dressing and seasoning really made this one great. I loved the different types of meat and different flavor profiles of everything inside the sandwich.

Our next sandwich was the Chicken Caesar. I can see this one appealing to a lot of people. For one, that garlic asiago bread is simply amazing! Then you basically have a chicken caesar salad on a sandwich, you can't lose with that!

Our last sandwich was the most interesting, the Mediterranean With Chicken (or veggie without Chicken). This is their veggie option and it has the most unique ingredients that I have seen on a sub. Plus, it has the garlic asiago bread. We were very impressed with it and thought the flavor was absolutely amazing. I mean really, any sub with feta and hummus on it is going to be a winner, let's be honest here.

Verdict: Loved It
I brought my husband with me because he is also a huge Firehouse fan and was just planning on ordering a hot sub (he hates cold subs with a passion). We talked him into sitting down and trying the cold subs anyway, and he absolutely loved them! He has actually been back a few times for lunch and has ordered them. I loved how the subs are technically cold, but they don’t taste cold like some do. These actually taste like effort was put into them and it wasn’t just someone slapping lunch meat and veggies onto a roll. We were very impressed with these subs!!  Every single one tasted different from the last and was very unique. We were raving about these subs for days after eating them. I am not even kidding about that.  The next time you are in Firehouse, try a cold sub!
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