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Southern Coast Seafood, a great addition to Arlington

With the news of Mudville Grille closing in Arlington, a lot of people were pretty upset. Mudville has been a Jacksonville institution since 1994, so this felt like the end of an era (the St. Nicholas location is still open, so don’t fret). Luckily, this sad news came with a nice silver lining. It was announced that the owners would transition Mudville into a new seafood concept, Southern Coast Seafood . They currently own Outta Line Fisheries LLC, which is a commercial fishing business, so they will be serving their fresh catches in the restaurant. My husband and I visited on a Sunday night. We were seated and started looking over the menu. I was very pleased with the variety as well as the prices. We initially ordered a few appetizers, but they were out of the Fish Dip so we had to nix that one. They had just opened less than a week ago, so we definitely didn’t hold that against them. We ended up with the Jumbo Lump Blue Crab Cakes ($13), which were spectacular. Very little fil

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