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Don't blow it up, build it up - The Jacksonville Landing

Article by: Brittny Lowrey
Photos by: Jill Cruz

Blowing up The Landing is the absolute most wasteful thing to do in downtown Jax, and yet here we are. The City Council votes on Tuesday as to whether or not we are going to raze it. The Council has overwhelmingly supported this option and it is likely to pass on Tuesday with little opposition expected from their inner circle. Half a glance at any of the articles published online show massive dissent by the Jax population, but the disconnect is real between our local government and their constituents. The popular replacement plan? A park. A “green space and mixed use retail area”. Mayor Curry and the City Council decided on this quickly, about a month after an agreement was reached on buying out The Landing. I’m sure it’s been whispered in the halls of City Hall for many years that the only way to handle The Landing is to blow it up. But what in the world are we doing here? We have a branded, well known, established building that while …

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