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Hot Spot (Hot Pot & Korean BBQ)

Jacksonville, listen up. We have a new place that is unlike any other place in Jax. Not only is it a hot pot restaurant, but it has a massive raw bar and a magnetic conveyer that goes around the entire restaurant carrying veggies and noodles. Hot Spot is a new restaurant that sits on the corner of Beach Blvd and St Johns Bluff. I have been stalking them while driving by each week on my way to Si Senor. This week was finally the one I have been waiting for, the soft opening. 

We went in on a Tuesday night and the place was already packed with a wait for the BBQ tables. We opted for hot pot so we were seated immediately. If you are not familiar with hot pot, the best way to describe it would be like a fondue. You are given a choice of different broths for your base, then you add meats and veggies into the pot to cook. The seating arrangements are very unique since they all revolve (no pun intended, but I’m kind of proud of it) around the conveyer belt. There is a station …

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