Osake Buffet

I was recently invited out to the soft opening of Osake Buffet. The restaurant is located on Southside Boulevard across from the Avenues Mall. This particular location has been several things over the past few years including a dim sum restaurant, a Chinese restaurant, and a seafood restaurant. At the time of publishing, the new concept had only been open for a few weeks. 

We were seated and had the pleasure of meeting the owner Andy Lay, who stressed the importance of quality. The buffet has many different stations including a sushi station and a made to order hibachi station. But the biggest draw would definitely have to be the seafood area. With all you can eat crab legs and lobster, you almost have to have a black belt to break through the crowds and grab some. In our experience, people would hover around this area waiting for them to be replenished at all times. 

 The sushi bar was plentiful, but many of the items had no description.

Sushi Station
Sushi Station

The Dim Sum/Chinese Food station had many different items, but I feel like the quality was compromised by being under the heat lamps.

Dim Sum

Dim Sum/Chinese Station

Chinese Food Station

The dessert station had a few different items, as well as an ice cream freezer.

Introductory prices are at follows, and are subject to change:
Lunch, Mon-Fri, 11:00PM – 3:30PM: $10.99 (Saturday $11.99)
Dinner, Mon - Thurs, 3:30PM - 10:00PM: $21.99
Dinner, Fri-Sun, 3:30PM - 10:30PM: $24.99

Monday- Saturday
Lunch: (3-5 yrs old): $4.99, (6-10 yrs old): $6.99
Dinner: (3-5 yrs old): $6.99, (6-10 yrs old): $10.99
Sunday: (3-5 yrs old): $6.99, (6-10 yrs old): $10.99


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