Crazy Fish (CLOSED)

Last weekend we went to Crazy Fish, mostly because I had a coupon, but mainly because a friend of mine said it was good. For starters, you need a GPS to find the place! It is off of Beach Blvd behind Nippers on a back road. Once we found it, we parked and went in. We were happy that a group of women walked in before us because we had no idea what to do. The menu was written on the wall (chalkboard) and there was no sign or anything telling us to order at the counter. Weird. We ordered and went to sit down. At first we sat outside, but the wind got too bad so we went in. The view is beautiful and we even saw a guy and his dog paddle boarding!

Our food came out pretty fast (we were the only 2 tables in there at noon, red flag).
 I got the Scallops and was shocked to find out that they were bay scallops, and there were only about 10 of them....for $16. I was very upset about this. If they are not regular scallops, you need to list them as bay scallops. If I would have known, I would never have ordered it. I opted for them grilled to save a few calories. When they came out, they were swimming in butter...there goes that idea.
For my sides I got broccoli and fries. There was 10 tons of broccoli and it was undercooked. The fries looked and tasted like the frozen kind in the supermarket.

Ivan got the Coconut Shrimp with double fries. He said the shrimp were pretty good.

The verdict: Don't waste your time or money. This place is way too expensive and you don't find out until go pay that they are cash only. I never carry cash, but luckily I had some from when a coworker paid me back for something, or we would have been screwed. The food is not great and the service is iffy. Just check out the Urbanspoon rating and the reviews, they are not wrong.

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  1. I could not agree with you more! You pretty much summed up my last and only visit there. Mine was about a year ago (how are they STILL open a year later?) and they were fairly busy. Only problem is, every customer was angry, complaining, and asking for a refund. It was bizarre.

  2. Thanks for your comment. You know, I feel so bad when I have to give a bad review, but I have to be honest. I agree, how are they still open?!

  3. I have been to Crazy Fish 3 times and yet to have a good experience there. Everything you had in your review is spot on. It could be a real hot spot in JVILLE because of its location and the other bars and restaurant by it, but they have missed out. Hopefully one day they will realize over price food with bad service just doesn't make it.

  4. I have been in Jacksonville for about 7 years and like to try all the different places this city has to offer. I trust Urbanspoon rating but thought this has to be a mistake about Crazy Fish. Just look at the location it has and all the other places that it competes with. Wow was I wrong to think I would enjoy it. I should have trusted Urbansoon. Just read the reviews and see if you want to waste your money. Good sea food cost enough You shouldn't have to pay the same for bad sea food.


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