California Pizza Kitchen

I started a new job this week (WOOT!) and my new boss took out to California Pizza Kitchen to celebrate. They have a huge menu, so it was hard to decide on what to get. I ended up with the 
Original BBQ Chicken. This was actually invented by them in 1985...I was 4. Sorry, just trying to make everyone feel old! Since this pizza is their signature item, I had to go with it and I was not let down. The BBQ sauce isn't too sweet and tastes wonderful as a pizza sauce. I generally don't love BBQ sauce, but I loved this pizza! I got the honey-wheat with whole grain crust instead of the standard variety and was glad I did. The crust has a really good taste and I feel better knowing that it is healthier (even though I am eating pizza!)

My new boss got The Greek, which is Mediterranean chicken and Mozzarella, hearth-baked then topped with a chilled Greek salad. Served with Tzatziki sauce. She also got the honey-wheat with whole grain crust. She said that the pizza was really good and was also impressed with the crust.

If you are looking for something to eat in the Town Center and want some good pizza, check out California Pizza Kitchen. They are a little more expensive than your typical pizza joint, but they are also more gourmet. They offer outdoor seating so you can people watch while enjoying the weather :)

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