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A friend of mine was asking about where you can get all you can eat crab legs here in Jacksonville. I heard that Lulu's Waterfront Grille had them, so we met up with them last week to check it out. We started the meal with a basket of fresh bread. We were joking that they brought us a bunch of bread to try and get us to eat less crab...but they don't know us very well! The bread was pretty good. There were 2 different kinds in the basket, a garlic biscuit and a sweet roll. The garlic biscuit reminded us of the Red Lobster biscuits, but not as good (that's not an insult, nothing is better than the Red Lobster ones!!) The sweet rolls were my favorite. They were very soft and tasted like the Hawaiian rolls. Yummy!

When you get the All You Can Eat Crab Legs, you get veggies and a choice of starch. I got a twice baked potato with mine. I didn't really like the potato; it didn't taste fresh and was a little hard. If I had a regular entree, that would have really bothered me. But since I had the AUCE crab legs, I didn't care so much. The crabs were snow crabs and they tasted great. You get a pretty big portion to begin with, so it took us a long time until we needed a reorder....well, everyone except my friend David. He was killing those legs LOL! 
Verdict- Liked it! The only thing we had a little bit of an issue with was the service. The waitress was great, but she disappeared a lot. There were a couple of times when we needed something, but she was nowhere to be found. Now to her credit, we were there for 3 hours!!
If you are looking for All You Can Eat Crab Legs, Lulu's is your place. The price was good ($23.95) and the crabs were great! I can definitely see myself there again when I get a craving for crab legs!

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  1. Friend David chiming in here, the crab legs tasted GREAT even the bodies tasted good you really didn't need to dip it in the butter. I only had 1 body that tasted fishy. Everything else Jill mentioned was right on the mark.


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