How Do You Roll? (CLOSED)

How Do You Roll? opened up recently in Tinseltown and we were very anxious to try it out. I am a sushi newbie, but I love it! How Do You Roll is a very unique concept. You go down the line and customize your roll with different ingredients. It is great for picky people like me!
Step 1 is deciding on what type of rice (white/brown) and wrap (seaweed/soy) you prefer. I love that they offer brown rice. I am not doing so good on our Biggest Loser competition at work, so I will take all the help I can get! The rice comes in a pre-formed square. I thought that was pretty cool but I was worried about how it would taste. I am happy to report that it tasted perfect!
Step 2 is veggies. You can choose up to 3 veggies at no charge. You can get more than 3 for $0.50 each. They have a set list of veggies, but they also have seasonal veggies that rotate. I almost got mushrooms in mine, but it didn’t really go with the rest of my roll so I left it out. One thing that I like is that they list cream cheese as a veggie. That is my kind of veggie!
Step 3 is meats. You can choose from raw or cooked, and like the veggies, they also have a seasonal item. This time, it was crawfish. I am not brave enough to go the raw route, but you never know. A few years ago I wouldn’t have thought that I would like sushi, but look at me now!
Step 4 is sauces. They have many different types of sauces and you can get them on the roll or on the side. Also, they will let you try them out so you don’t get stuck with something you don’t like.

Here are the pictures of what we all got.
Me – Brown rice with seaweed, crabstick with avocado and cream cheese, and spicy mayo on top.
Ivan – Brown rice with seaweed, crawfish with avocado and cream cheese, and spicy mayo on top.
Karen – White rice with seaweed, chicken with avocado, cream cheese, and tamago, and creamy miso on top. She couldn't wait until I got to the table to take the picture. Notice the one piece missing???!!

  Lauren – White rice with soy, crawfish with avocado and cream cheese, sweet miso and spicy mayo on top.

Verdict-Loved it! I can see How Do You Roll becoming one of my favorite lunch spots. The employees are very friendly and knowledgeable. They walked us through the entire process and were very helpful. The food was delicious and everything tasted fresh. With all of the different options, there are endless amounts of combinations that you could make. You will never get bored!

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