North Beach Fish Camp

North Beach Fish Camp had a soft opening over the weekend. I absolutely love their other 2 restaurants, Marker 32 and Palm Valley Fish Camp, so I made a reservation for Sunday afternoon!
I am not too familiar with the beaches area, particularly what is on 1st street. I try to stay away from that area since it’s insanely busy, so I had to pull some directions. The restaurant is located on the corner of Atlantic and 1st street next to Sundog Diner. They have a parking lot (that they share with neighboring businesses) right behind the restaurant, so that was super convenient. It would have been even better if I didn’t drive around the block 3 times before I noticed it, but anyways….First impression, the restaurant is twice the size of PVFC (downstairs). They also have outdoor seating and upstairs seating, but we didn’t venture up there. Since it is located on a corner, the restaurant has a rounded quality to it. The inside seating area is very open and the walls are lined in large windows. Great for people watching!

We checked out the menu and I was happy to find out that they are using the same menu as PVFC. There might be a few different items on there but I’m not sure (contrary to popular belief, I don’t have every restaurant’s menu memorized!) I decided on the Lunch Basket with Scallops and Fish and Ivan got the Lunch Basket with Shrimp and Fish. When the entrees came out, I was missing my scallops and Ivan was missing his fish. I brought this to the waitress’ attention and she quickly remedied the situation. I typically don’t hold things like that against them on opening weekend, so it wasn’t an issue.
The Scallops were breaded and fried and melted in my mouth. They were so tender and the breaded was light, so I got to enjoy the scallop without a mouthful of breading.
The fish was flaky and fell apart on the fork. Like the scallops, the breading was very light. I squeezed a little bit of lemon on there and I was good to go! 
Ivan was also very happy with his meal. He had the same opinion as me on the fish, and said that the shrimp were some of the best he has ever had. Oh, I also have to mention that they make a mean cherry limeade :)

Verdict – LOVED IT! I think what makes their food so special is that everything is fresh and caught locally (by Safe Harbor Seafood). You can really taste the quality of the ingredients in every bite. North Beach Fish Camp is a great addition to the area and I plan on many more visits!

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