Maple Street Biscuits

Last month we participated in the Cash Mob event, then visited Maple Street Biscuits for lunch. I love eating breakfast for lunch/dinner, so this was perfect for me. The restaurant is a fast casual concept and they ask you a question when you order. Your answer is what they will call out when your order is ready. The question for us was “what is your favorite band”. I really wish I would have known about this beforehand so I could think of something funny to make them yell out…like Sex Pistols :)

I decided on The Ralphie Deluxe (Flaky biscuit, sausage gravy with a kick and fried egg)  for my meal, with a side of Smokey Mountain Mac-N-Cheese. I started eating my food and didn’t realize until I was halfway through that I was missing my egg! They were extremely busy from the Cash Mob group, so I didn’t say anything about it. Still, the biscuit was delicious. The gravy has bits of sausage in it and they gave me tons of it. Not one small corner of my biscuit was dry...and that’s the way I like it! Unfortunately, I didn’t care too much for the mac and cheese. I liked that they used cheese-its for the topping, but the overall flavor was lacking for me.

Ivan ended up getting something I was eyeballing on the menu, The Sticky Maple (biscuit, all natural fried chicken breast, pecan wood smoked bacon all topped with Bissell Family Farm real maple syrup). He was a little concerned with only getting one biscuit and no side, but as we figured out, he didn’t need anything else because that biscuit was huge! He said that it was really good and very filling.

We really enjoyed Maple Street Biscuits, and hope to get back there soon. The only issue I have is with the hours. They are only open Monday- Saturday 7:00 am -2:00 pm & Friday- Saturday Dinner 5:00 pm-9:00 pm. I work, so it’s almost impossible to get there during the week. I really wish they were open on Sundays. I think they could benefit from a Sunday brunch at least. I know I would be there!

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  1. I loved the Mac-n-Cheese, it was very creamy and cheesy and the cheese crackers on top gave it a cool crunch. We also shared a sweet biscuit - cinnamon and pecans with a light, sweet icing. Delicious! I suppose I should mention I had the sausage and egg biscuit and it was very good. Will definitely go back! (Oh, and the question of the day was "favorite animal." I chose a wombat. :-)


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