German Schnitzel Haus

I have had German Schnitzel Haus on my radar for a while. I have always wanted to go, but never went. Well recently, they have been showing up on the deal websites, so I snagged a few vouchers and decided to go one night. Upon walking in, I was shocked at how small the place actually is. There are only a few tables and 2 servers. Our waitress had a thick German accent and I loved it! She explained what some things on the menu were and even helped me pronounce things…which is a good thing because I was butchering everything! We decided to go for the $6 German draft beer, which was huge! I originally wanted Hacker Pschoor but they were out, so I went with Warsteiner. They also give you a bread basket, it was so cute!

I decided on the Jagerschnitzel, which is two pork cutlets seasoned and lightly breaded then sautéed
to a golden brown and topped with a creamy mushroom sauce, with Spatzel (which is sort of a soft egg noodle). When they brought the food out I was wondering how I was going to eat it all….well it was so good that I had to clean my plate! The pork was good by itself, but the gravy is what I loved about it. I like things that are saucy or that you dip into a sauce, so this was perfect for me. The spazel was also a surprise. It didn’t have much flavor by itself, but when you dipped it into the gravy, mmmmmmm.

Ivan got the Zwiebelschnitzel, which is two pork cutlets seasoned and lightly breaded then sautéed
to a golden brown and covered in sautéed onions, with Bratkartoffeln (potatoes). He really liked the onions that came on his and he was very impressed with the meal overall. The potatoes were also really good and reminded us of home fries.

  Verdict: Loved it! There was so much that we loved about this place. The vibe is great and you can tell that they get have lot of regulars by the conversations that we witnessed. The service was good and the food was wonderful! I am glad I have another coupon, because we will definitely be back soon!

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  1. Sounds (and looks) wonderful! I have never tried any of these dishes. But now I want to!

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  2. The weisswurst is incredible. I have been to Germany and had weisswurst in a small town near Neuschwanstein. It was identical. Also, if you take your own stein you get a 10% discount on your beer order. I love this place. I like their sauerkraut, but I have never had it anywhere else made with cloves. Still good, I eat it every time.

  3. I didn't know that about the stein, that's pretty awesome!


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