Your Pie

Typically when a new place opens up in Jax, I give it a few months before I will try it. Usually the crowds are too much for me and I like to give them time to work the kinks out. Well we were looking for somewhere to eat tonight and I though about Your Pie. They have only been open for 2 days, but we figured that we would do a drive by and see how busy they looked. The parking lot looked ok so we went in. For starters, we really liked the concept. You choose your crust, then your toppings, and it only takes 5 minutes to cook! Awesome! 

 I got wheat crust, hot sauce (which was mild/medium), reduced fat mozzarella, and chicken. They even gave me some ranch to dip it in! Yum!

Ivan got white crust, fresh mozzarella (which was sliced mozzarella!) ranchy marinara, basil, red onion, black olives, and meatballs. He loved it so much that he has already told me that he will be having lunch without me on the days that he is off of work!

The best part about the can get a combo with a drink and a gelato! They will even let you try the different flavors to see which one you like! I got chocolate and Ivan got pistachio. It was really good and very low cal, so we didn't feel all that guilty about it!

Verdict: Loved it!! We really liked that you can design your own pizza and it took literally 5 minutes to cook. The prices were good, the portions were filling, and the service was great. They also have a nice beer selection and a generous happy hour (2 for 1 all day on Sunday!) I know this is going to be one of our regular weekly places!

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