Libretto's Pizza (CLOSED)

This past Sunday I was sitting at home thinking about where to eat. I wanted something that I haven't had in a while, and thought about Libretto's Pizza. Libretto's is one of my favorite pizza places in Jax.
Before I even walked in the door I know we were getting the Garlic Knots. We ended up getting 2 orders so that we would have an even number and wouldn't fight over the last one.
(I don't know why the marinara sauce looks so red, it looks normal on my computer!)

We couldn't agree on toppings, so we got an XL pizza with half pepperoni/half cheese. I have to admit, this is one of the best NY style pizzas I have had in Jacksonville!! The crust is thin and the pizza is not too greasy. Delicious!

Verdict: Loved it!
If you are looking for some authentic NY pizza, this is the place. We have been a few times and the pizza is consistently good. I even took my mom there (she's from the Bronx) and she approves!

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