House of Dog (CLOSED, never opened)

We were invited to the grand opening celebration of House of Dog in Mandarin. They are located in the Bonefish shopping plaza near 295. We walked in and felt like we were transported to a different city. The place is unlike any other place in Jax! The decor is very whimsical and up-cycled. The tables are wood with old tin signs as the tabletops, and there are vintage signs all over the restaurant. The place just has a cool vibe...and they play some great rock music!

We were treated to an assortment of menu items including Pastrami, Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, Onion Rings, Fries, and Chicken Tenders. Everything was extremely delicious, but the one thing that won me over was that they had pretzel buns!!!! If you have ever had one, then you can understand how exciting this is. Pretzel buns are very popular in other cities, but they haven't caught on in Jacksonville yet. I'm really hoping that changes soon, because pretzel buns are amazing!


Verdict: Loved it!
This place has some serious potential! It seems like a fun place to go hang out (they have a bar area) after a long day at work. The food was outstanding, and they have a very large menu that is Kosher! As I said earlier, I'm particularly fond of the pretzel buns, but I don't want to downplay the food. The flavor combinations are unique and the burgers were thick and juicy! We we definitely be back soon!

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  1. Wow I never knew this was here or coming. I'll have to check it out. their website looks like they have a miami location (and miami prices). Any word on how much things costed here?

    1. I only got a little peek at the menu, but it looks fairly reasonable. The hot dogs and burgers are huge, so it is well worth the money!


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