Promised Land Moo Crew!

Every now and then I like to break up the reviews with some awesome food news or giveaways. I was recently contacted by Promised Land about their new Moo Crew program.I got my kit in the mail and I can honestly say that it's pretty cool! There is a nice shirt, a membership card, and some coupons in there! It doesn't cost anything to sign up, so go do it! In case you are wondering, I checked and Publix sells Promised Land in the Jacksonville area.

 I also wanted to share the following press release that has all the info and how to sign up:

 Promised Land Dairy Leads the Herd with New Ambassador Program

“Moo Crew” Membership Offered to Promised Land Superfans

(DALLAS) June 25, 2014 – From driving more than 500 miles to stock up on fresh bottles of Promised Land milk, to spreading love for the brand across the web, Promised Land Dairy’s fans are truly one-of-a-kind. Now, the premium line of all-natural dairy products is offering VIP access to its most dedicated fans. Beginning June 25, the “Moo Crew” program will provide members with insider updates, coupons, contests and rewards for demonstrating outstanding brand loyalty.

Fans can sign up for Moo Crew membership by visiting the Promised Land Facebook page or and filling out a special survey. The survey asks fans a series of questions such as “What’s the craziest thing you would do to get a bottle of Promised Land milk?” and “What’s your favorite Promised Land product?” The sign-up process also gives fans the option to sign up for VIP “Moo-Mails” from Promised Land, in addition to exclusive insider emails. Upon joining the Moo Crew, members receive a VIP welcome package that includes a membership card and limited edition Moo Crew t-shirt, among other surprises.

“Just like our special Jersey cows, our fans are one-of-a-kind, and we’ve created the Moo Crew program to satisfy their thirst for knowledge and insider scoop. Think of it as a backstage pass for our Promised Land fans,” said Allen Spence of Promised Land Dairy. “We want to reward our fans for supporting Promised Land over the years and sharing our excitement for new flavors and developments. With the launch of the Moo Crew, we are now able to connect with our fans more than ever."

Promised Land’s array of products comprises white milks, creams and its highly desirable variety of flavored milks. White milks include Homogenized Whole, Reduced Fat 2% and Fat Free. Promised Land’s core flavored milks include Midnight Chocolate, Very Berry Strawberry and Cookies N’ Cream. Promised Land also offers seasonal flavors such as Marvelous Mocha, Cotton Candy, Southern Pralines N’ Cream, Double Cream White Chocolate, Peaches N’ Cream, Cinnamon Vanilla and Egg Nog.

All Promised Land products come from pampered, “cream of the crop” Jersey cows that naturally produce creamier, nutrient rich milk. Promised Land products are completely free of artificial hormones, artificial flavors and antibiotics.

About Promised Land Dairy
The secret to Promised Land’s decadent, delicious dairy products begins with a cherished herd of Jersey cows. Promised Land’s founders believed that better milk comes from better cows, and Promised Land Jerseys are the cream of the crop. These divine bovines have delighted customers with naturally creamier, nutrient-rich milk for more than 25 years. Since its founding on a small, family-owned farm in Floresville, Texas, Promised Land has continued the tradition of sustainable sourcing, providing only the highest quality care for its beloved Jerseys. You won’t find any artificial hormones, artificial flavors or antibiotics in Promised Land products. Just premium, all-natural ingredients that combine to create an unforgettable flavor experience. From unique notes of Cotton Candy, Pralines N’ Cream and Cookies N’ Cream to classic favorites like Midnight Chocolate and Very Berry Strawberry, Promised Land’s array of products please every palate. For a map of store locations that carry Promised Land products and more information, visit or


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