The Candy Apple Cafe and Cocktails

I have been hearing good things about The Candy Apple Café and Cocktails so I was pretty excited to try them out. They are located inside of Sweet Pete’s along Hogan Street Downtown. The building is absolutely beautiful. It is an old house that has been completely renovated, and it’s huge! The décor is bright, whimsical, and just plain fun!

We grabbed a table and started checking out the menu. They were serving their lunch, brunch, and happy hour menu so we had a lot of options. We decided on the House Made Petite Corndogs for our appetizer, because any time I see a corndog on a menu it is happening! We all liked these. The batter was light and airy, and the mini hot dog inside had a nice smoky flavor.

There were so many things on the menu that that I wanted, but in the end I decided on the Mac and Cheese with Candied Bacon. The mac and cheese was nice and creamy, but the candied bacon is what made this dish. It was sooooo good! I chopped it up and mixed it into the mac and cheese so that I would have some bacon with every bite. I got the whole portion, but I would’ve been fine with the half. The portion size was pretty big and that bowl was super deep!

My husband got the Croque Moadame. He was very happy with his selection and was struggling to finish. He commented that the fries seemed never ending (not complaining!) The cup that they were in is deceiving. It looks small, but those fries are packed in there!

My friend got the Chicken and Waffle off of the Brunch Menu. She said that it was really good and I was extremely jealous watching her eat it!

My husband got a candy apple to go. It was their best seller, the Sea Salt Caramel Candy Bacon Apple. It took him a few days to eat, but he finally conquered it!
After our meal we ventured upstairs to check out the dessert bar. There were lots of different desserts that looked ridiculously good, so we made sure to get some to go. I was a little disappointed to learn that they get their cupcakes from a bakery in Chicago instead of making them in house. But on the other hand, I love me some Chicago food so I will let that slide.

Verdict: Liked it!
We liked everything about this place and hope to be back soon. I would have liked the prices to be a little bit lower, but the quality of food and portion sizes were nice. With a candy shop/dessert bar surrounding the restaurant, you can’t go wrong!

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