Terra Gaucha Brazilian Steakhouse

Jacksonville's newest Brazilian Steakhouse Terra Gaucha opened on the Southside recently, and I was itching to get in there. It should come as no surprise that I like to eat. And all you can eat meat? Sign me up! I ended up going with a very large group of foodies. We were seated in one of the private rooms, but I made sure to venture out and check out the rest of the restaurant. It has been completely renovated and looks completely different than the Japanese place that was there before.

They do have a salad bar located towards the back of the restaurant. It has many different items on there but I didn't try anything. I was saving my stomach room!
(The salad bar goes all the way around to the other side.)

We were given fried polenta, bread, and plantains for the table.


Now on to the meats!!! Here are the different types of meat offered:
The special charm of a Brazilian Steakhouse is that the gauchos bring the meat around on skewers and shave it off table side. When they are cutting, you grab the meat with your tongs. It is quite an experience! Everything had it's own unique flavor and tasted great. Some of my favorite items were the sausage, top sirloin, and garlic steak.That garlic steak was so good! I was eating it when they brought it around again, so I got another piece!



And we can't forget about dessert (even though none of us had room!) We ordered a few Purim de Leite (Creme de caramel) desserts for the table. It is basically a Brazilian flan, and all kinds of delicious! Save some room when you go, because this is worth it!

Verdict: Liked it!
This is a great place for all of the meat lovers out there. The prices are very reasonable for this type of restaurant (around $39) and it is a great value because you can eat until you burst! Just a word of caution, the meat sweats are inevitable....I know from experience!

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