Pizza Palace

Last week I was invited out to Pizza Palace. I have to admit, I have never been there. I have walked by the restaurant many times but for some reason never went in. I had no idea that they have been in business over 30 years! With it being around for so long, I was very surprised to see how modern the inside was. You order at the counter then take a seat with a number. Then they bring the food out to you. We visited on a Thursday night and they were pretty busy, but the food still came out pretty quickly.
We decided to try 2 different pizzas, the Meat Pizza and the Chicken Risotto Pizza. Being a huge risotto lover I was really excited about that one. The first thing I noticed was how much cheese was on there. I am also a huge cheese fan so this made me very happy. I took the first bite and immediately knew I was going to love this pizza. The sauce is homemade and a combination of marinara and alfredo sauce. There is no way that’s going to be bad! It was very unique and blended very well with the cheese. There were lots of chicken pieces and whole slices of tomato on every slice. I actually thought there was going to be some risotto on the pizza when I first heard the name. Even though there wasn’t, I didn’t feel like I was missing anything. The flavors more than made up for it!

The Meat Pizza had pepperoni, sausage, meatballs, and ham. This was mostly my husband’s pizza since he is a bigger carnivore. He was very impressed with the amount of toppings and commented on how much he liked the crust. I also thought the toppings were great and everything combined well together. The sauce was not too chunky and also had a pleasant flavor.

There was no better way to finish the meal than with a Cannoli! The presentation was wonderful and I couldn’t wait to dig in. I was very pleased with the texture and flavor of the filling. It was more of a firm texture and was not very tart. I also liked the drizzle of chocolate on top. Chocolate is always a welcome addition!

Verdict: Liked it!
We were very happy with the service in addition to the food. Everyone was very attentive and constantly walking around to all the tables to check on them. Service is very important to me so I was glad to see this. I was also eyeballing some of the dishes going out to other tables and they all looked great. I am planning on going back to try some of their pasta dishes!


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