Bonefish Grill

I was recently invited out to Bonefish Grill to check out their newly remodeled restaurant and try some of their new menu items. The new design is very lovely. Everything is low key and the lighting is on the darker side with some spotlights here and there, just like I like it.
I visited on a Wednesday which is a very notorious day known as Bang Bang Wednesday! To celebrate this occasion I had to indulge in an order of Bang Bang Shrimp to start our meal. The shrimp were very fresh and plentiful. I was very surprised at the number of shrimp you get in an order. It is such a great deal! I also love the sauce that comes on the shrimp. It’s not too spicy and very flavorful.

We also decided on a second appetizer, the Maryland Crab Cakes. I don’t know why, but I just really wanted some crab cakes. I’m glad I got them because they were delightful. Hardly any filler and were very flaky. I also loved the side of red remoulade sauce. That stuff is very addictive.

I went a bit outside of the norm (for me) and ordered one of the daily specials, the Fresh Day Boat Scallops (sushi grade scallops on a bed of creamy corn risotto topped with crispy bacon, lemon butter drizzle). For starters, this dish had such a beautiful presentation. I loved the long plate with the risotto underneath. The scallops were perfectly grilled and the corn risotto complimented it nicely. I have to admit that I was a little skeptical of corn risotto at first, but I really liked it.

My husband got my favorite thing on the menu, the Tilapia Imperial stuffed with crab, shrimp, and scallops. It’s like the Royal Flush of seafood, nothing beats it. The dish is so wonderful on its own, but then they take it up a notch and add a lemon caper butter to the top. Delightful!

Verdict: Liked it!
We were very pleased with our meal and with the service. Our waitress was very friendly and attentive. Even though it was very busy, the food came out quickly and everything was correct. One small thing that bothered us was having to wait for our table when we had a reservation. In our mind you shouldn’t have to wait if you already had a reservation, but that was the only real negative of the night. Everything else was wonderful and we left stuffed and happy!
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