Hobnob had their soft opening this weekend, so I grabbed a foodie friend (Anna Eatz Jax) and headed down there to check them out. They are located in the new Unity Plaza next to Sbraga. The interior is very modern and beautiful. They have a lovely blown glass light in the front by the bar that was done by JU.

We decided to get a few different appetizers to share, so we started with the Steamed PEI Mussels with Housemade Fennel Sausage - Served with a saffron aioli and garlic & herb croutons. This dish would prove to be the star of the night. The mussels were some of the best we have ever had, and the sauce they were in was remarkable. We only wished we had some bread to mop it up with.

Our next appetizer was Mediterranean Trio with Warm Naan Bread - Smoked eggplant mutabbal, warm balsamic & herb glazed olives, and a fresh cucumber tzatziki. It was good, but nothing really stood out about the dish. I did like the warm Naan bread, it was very good.

 Our last appetizer was the Crispy Sweet Chili Glazed Wild Boar Ribs - with a bright side of apple-jicama slaw that has a hint of cilantro and lime. These ribs had such potential since the flavor was great, but unfortunately, they were severely overcooked.

The manager came by to apologize about the ribs and brought us some HOBNOB Fried Green Tomatoes - Served on top of a summer creamed corn purée and topped with a bacon & sweet onion jam. The tomatoes are crusted with crispy rice from the local Congaree and Penn Farm.

Our entrees started coming out and each one looked fantastic. My husband ordered the Kaffir Mochi Crusted Seabass - Served with fresh seasonal roasted vegetables, steamed rice, and a truffled green curry. The sea bass was crusted beautifully and flaky as fish should be. The rice that came with the fish was also a standout. It had a sweet flavor to it and was very different and refreshing. The curry gave a little hint of spice and added great flavor to the dish.

My friend Anna decided on the Five Spice Infused Peking Duck - Wok charred baby bok choy, baby carrots, and garlic snow peas in a duck jus. She was raving about this dish and how great the duck was. I took a bite and I can confirm that this was delightful.

My entree was the Grilled Local Shrimp & Longanisa Pancit - Grilled local shrimp with Filipino sweet sausage, rice noodles, and fresh vegetables. I loved this dish! The shrimp were large and the pancit was packed with veggies and sausage (which could star in a dish of it's own!)

Verdict: Liked It
What a great addition to the area! The menu is very diverse and the food was remarkable. The portions were large and you really feel like you are getting your money's worth here. Also, the service was phenomenal. If you are looking for something different and modern, give them a shot!

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