Litehouse Foods

Litehouse Foods is breaking into the market here in Jacksonville, and I was lucky enough to get invited to one of their events recently. It was a cooking demo taught by Nutritionist Jenna Braddock who lives here in Jacksonville. We met at Moxie, which is one of my favorite places in town, and had the second floor all to ourselves. We were greeted by the cutest place settings ever to exist, then we were treated to the cooking demo.

Jenna talked a little bit about ways to for us to get our veggies in and ways to make the things we eat less fattening. For the demo, we were shown a recipe for Roast Carrot and Ranch Hummus using healthy ingredients and Litehouse Ranch. It was a very easy recipe that anyone could make, and it tasted great.

Pssst, here is the recipe!

Next, we sat down and enjoyed some of Moxie’s signature dinner items. All of the food was delicious, and we had great table conversation. It was interesting talking to Jenna and listening to her advice and tips. Anyone who has read my blog or follows me on social media knows that I don’t worry too much about calorie counts, so it was interesting to hear a different side of things.

We also talked a lot about Litehouse products, which include a variety of salad dressings, fruit dips, glazes, herbs, veggie dips, and artisan cheese crumbles. CLICK HERE for a coupon!!  I tried out the ranch and bleu cheese dressings at dinner and they were very tasty!
I checked online and the Litehouse products are available locally here in Jax at Publix and Winn Dixie locations. They are in with the cold items, so make sure to look there!


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