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Hawkers Asian Street Fare is one of my favorite places in Jax for Asian food. I love all of the different influences that are present on the menu and they execute the dishes perfectly every time. My regular location is the Riverside one, so when I was invited out to the newer beach location I was pretty excited. It is located where Atlantic Blvd meets 3rd Street. They do not have a parking lot but there are lots nearby and they also offer valet. We went in on a weeknight and the place was packed. One thing I love about the decor at Hawkers is how everything is upcycled. Look around and you will see all kinds of unusual things used as decoration, and it works beautifully.

 We started our feast with the Prawn Chips and the Chicka-Rones. The Prawn chips had a pork rinds feel to them. They were light and airy, but had a great flavor to them. The Chicka-Rones can easily be described as fried skin. They were crispy and flavorful.

We were given a Margari-Thai to pair with the appetizers. This was kind of like a spicy margarita and the best part, Pop Rocks were on the rim!

Our next round of goodies consisted of a fan favorite Roti Canai, Salt-n-Pepa Riblets, and Shanghai Stir Fry. These were paired with a classic Asian Lager (which was light and refreshing).We really liked the Shanghai Stir Fry. My husband and I were trying to figure out what the little round pieces were and finally figured out they were steamed rice cakes. They were chewy and added a unique texture. Out of the 3, I liked the riblets the least. The flavor was great but for me, they were a little tough and hard to eat.

Side Note: Please excuse my pics from here on out. We lost the sun and there was this very large red neon sign next to us causing some mad color cast. I tried to fix them as best as I could but some still have a reddish tint in places.

The next menu item brought out was my favorite, Crispy Canton. The dish also has a bit of presentation to it. The server brings out 2 bowls. One has dry noodles and the other has the hot toppings. They then dump the hot toppings on top of the crunchy noodles to soften them.

We were also brought something I have never had before, "Dry-Pot" Caulilini. It looked kind of like broccolli's leggier older sister. 

Another great new item came out next, Seoul Hot Chicken Baos. These were delightful. The sauce was spicy but not overpowering. You will definitely be grabbing for a drink but it's oh so worth it. This was paired with a Spiked Thai Tea. I am not a tea fan but this drink was fantastic. Had a cinnamon taste to it and was very savory.

By this point we were stuffed and ready for bed, but there is always room for dessert right? We perked right up when the Jo-He Bag o' Donuts and Iced Vietnamese Iced Coffee came out. 

Verditct: Loved It!
We walked in not knowing what to expect, and walked away full and happy. I found some new favorites for sure. Hawkers has always been a favorite of mine and they just keep raising the bar. If you've never been, I urge you to check them out. We always like to go and eat family style. It makes me feel like less of a fatty when I order 10 dishes :)

Disclaimer: While I do not accept compensation for reviews, my meals might be comped from time to time. This in no way shapes my review and I will continue to provide honest reviews regardless of this fact. I will not compromise my credibility for a free meal. Period.

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