Jimmy Fu's

A few days ago we were looking for something fast and delicious....Jimmy Fu's on Merrill Rd fit that description perfectly! They are located in the Publix shopping center on Merrill Rd just East of Southside Blvd. If you weren't looking for it, you might miss it (and that would be your loss!) The place is spotless inside if you want to eat there. If not, they also deliver!

We have been there a few times before, so we decided to try something new off of the menu. I got the Chicken with Cashew pieces and I am glad I did! It was absolutely delicious! It was in some sort of a sauce, but it was not overpowering in any way. It complimented it quite nicely. There were also a few veggies in there, but I am not big on all veggies, so I can't name them all :) The good ones were mushrooms and some kind of sliced veggie that looked like a potato but was crunchy (yes, I realize that could be anything!) The meals come with white rice, but I upgraded to fried rice for $1 more. I messed up and ordered "plain" fried rice, so they didn't put any veggies in it. To me, this was a good mess up, but I think the hubby was a little mad at me!

He got the Sweet and Sour chicken. His portion was also huge and we both had plenty of leftovers! I couldn't get a good description from him, but he gave his approval!

Jimmy Fu's is a great place to go when you are in the mood for Chinese, but you also want a quality meal. In addition to traditional Chinese meals, they also offer a few Thai favorites. From what I have heard, those are wonderful as well. Jimmy Fu's is a must try!

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