Mr Taco

This afternoon I took a trip to Mr. Taco on Bowden Rd. Don't let the name fool you, this place is as authentic as they come! The restaurant is located in a strip mall and easy to miss if you aren't looking for it. Once you go inside, the place is bigger than I thought (it occupies 2 spaces in the strip mall) and very clean. You order at the counter and someone brings out your meal. They also have a salsa bar that has 6 different types of fresh made salsa, so you are guaranteed to find one you like.
For my meal I got the $6.00 taco special which includes 3 tacos, rice, and refried beans. My tacos were flour tortilla soft tacos with shredded chicken and cheese. I know, very I took a picture of my friend's colorful tacos instead!! Hers had all of the above plus tomato, lettuce, and cilantro. The tacos were loaded with meat and were bursting at the seams (not that tacos have seams, but you get what I am saying!)
Even though my tacos were perfect this time, I have had a few "juicy" tacos in the past. Now don't get me wrong, they still taste really good but the grease runs out of the taco when you take a bite. It can get quite messy! I normally do not like refried beans, but Mr. Taco has made me a fan. The plate comes half rice/half beans, but after eating the 3 tacos, you are lucky if you have room for it! The rice is a simple yellow rice that pairs nicely with the beans.

Mr. Taco is a great place to go for lunch, but be warned they fill up pretty quickly. They are also open for dinner on Monday-Friday. They close at 5 on Saturdays and are closed all day on Sundays.

Also, worth noting: Off on the side of the restaurant, they sell a few Hispanic grocery items and pastries/bread. They also have a few different beverages, but the only one I recognized was horchata (only because a friend tried it). She said it was good, but they use a concentrated mix.

I want to apologize for the lack of pictures. I forgot my camera at home so I had to make my friend use her iPhone for the taco picture ;) To make up for it, here is a scanned copy of the menu!

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  1. So cool to find another JAX foodie! I'm gonna have to try this place out!

  2. Thanks for visiting! I really like this place a lot and I hope you do too!


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