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I am a proud Jacksonville Jaguars season ticket holder! You might ask, "what does that have to do with Seafood Kitchen?" Well, this year we were given coupon books along with our tickets. Seafood kitchen was in there so we decided to give it a shot. We had a little trouble finding it because it's not visible from the road. It is actually in the back of a strip mall. Once we parked and went inside, people started piling in. They all seemed to be regulars because they knew the staff and the staff knew them. That is always a good sign.
We sat down and the waitress came around. She told us that for lunch, the prices on the menu decrease a few dollars each. We placed our order and passed the time by looking at the awesome Florida map place mats! Yes, we are easily amused!

I ordered the Shrimp and Scallops combination. Both items were fried and plentiful. The shrimp were butterflied and large. The scallops were soft and flavorful. I got fries and veggies for my sides and the meal also came with 2 hushpuppies. I didn't love the veggies because they were mostly broccoli stems, but it really didn't matter because I was too stuffed to eat my whole meal. Better to waste the veggies than the fries :)

Ivan got one of the specials of the day, which was 20 shrimp for $9.99. The shrimp were also butterflied and fried. He got a baked potato and fries for his side, but I couldn't get the basket of fries into the shot. Plus, he was yelling at me to hurry up so he could eat!

We liked Seafood Kitchen and it seemed like a nice place to take families. They have a really large menu and the lower lunch prices make it really affordable. 
I would also like to point out that they are pro animal rescue. They have a donation can and they sell back scratchers to benefit animal rescue. That is something that means a lot to me. Here is a picture of 2 of my rescues Muddy and Sandy.

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  1. The shrimp and baked potato plate looks appetizing. Its good to hear that you had such a wonderful experience munching on this restaurant's food. I can't wait to try them myself.


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