Tequila's Mexican Restaurant

Like any good Gringo, I love Mexican food. This weekend we took a trip to Tequila's Mexican Restaurant in the Baymeadows/9A area. They are pretty new and we have heard good things, so we were pretty excited. I was a little worried because the place was far from packed when we got there on a Saturday night at 6pm. I attributed this to the restaurant's newness and it's location (in an almost abandoned strip mall.)
The restaurant's appearance is not what I expected at all (in a good way). I don't know why, but I was expecting a more "commercial" feel. The place looked very authentic, the way a Mexican restaurant should look! We were seated and the waiter came around for our drink order. The margarita's are 2-4-1 all the time, so that's what we got. Ivan took the 2-4-1 a little too seriously...

The margaritas were brought out with some chips and salsa. I like to gauge a Mexican place on it's salsa, and Tequila's passed the test! The salsa was nicely blended and not too spicy. We also ordered a side of queso, which also received an A+.

I ordered the Taquitos Mexicanos (Flautas). They came with 2 beef and 2 chicken flautas topped with lettuce, tomato, and sour cream with rice and (refried) beans. I love flautas. As soon as I saw them on the menu I knew what I was getting. Our usual Mexican place does not offer flautas, so this was a treat for me! One thing that impressed me was the beef. It is shredded beef, not greasy ground beef. To me, that's a sign of quality! The beef was tender and lean and delicious! The chicken was also shredded and not very greasy. Both kinds of flautas had peppers (not spicy) in with the meat. I took turns dipping the flautas into the salsa and then the queso. I don't know which way was better because they were both so good! The rice and beans were very good. The beans were more solid than juicy (which I like) and they combined nicely with the rice.

Ivan got the Beef Chimichanga topped with lettuce, tomato, and sour cream with rice and (refried) beans. I told him he had to get it because I wanted to know how it was :) He was also pleasantly surprised with the shredded beef. I guess he liked it because I was waiting for him to eat half so I could take a better picture of the actual chimichanga, but he had it gone by the time I looked over! For future reference, you can add queso to the top of any burrito (and other menu items if I'm not mistaken) for an extra charge. YUM!

After 2-4-1 margaritas, we were a little giggly. Things only got worse when we were brought the check and saw our server's name! We were cracking up for the longest time and I'm sure everyone thought we were crazy (they might have been right!)

 Verdict: We loved it!
We are positive that we will be back soon, if not for the delicious food, for the 2-4-1 margaritas!

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