The Melting Pot

We had our anniversary last week (9 years!!) and went to The Melting Pot. I absolutely LOVE The Melting Pot and try to get Ivan to take me there as often as I can :) A big selling point is that they give a 50% discount (up to $30) for all military and first responders on Sundays and Mondays! When we went last weekend, the place was packed! I don't think we have ever seen it that busy, and we were really glad we had a reservation.

The dinner started with Traditional Swiss Cheese Fondue. We were served apples, veggies, and bread as dippers. We have been going here for years, but only recently found out that you can request additional dippers if you run out! All this time we were leaving cheese in the pot and had no idea!

Our next course was salads. I got The Melting Pot House Salad with ranch dressing. This salad is one of the rare ones that I actually like. The majority of the credit goes to the eggs and the seasoning (which I will tell you about later).

Ivan got the Caesar Salad

The Melting Pot has their own Garlic and Wine Seasoning that goes on everything. They bring it out with the salads, but it goes great on the meat as well. We love this stuff!

For our dinner cooking style, we decided on the Court Bouillon. I like this better than the oil because it is healthier and I think it tastes better. For my meat, I got the Shrimp and Sirloin which is white shrimp with teriyaki-marinated sirloin. Here is a picture of how it comes out uncooked.

Ivan got the Land and Sea which is premium filet mignon, chicken, and white shrimp. Here is the picture of his food uncooked.

Don't be intimidated about cooking your own food, the servers will tell you everything you need to know. Shrimp cooks for a minute to a minute and a half, and the meat cooks for 2 minutes or longer depending on preference. You also get veggies (mushrooms, broccoli, and potatoes) to put in the pot. We always dump them in at the start and fish them out all throughout the meal. Here is our food cooking.

I tried to pull my steak out and the shrimp decided it was going to wrap itself around the fondue fork!

The servers bring out a bunch of sauces that compliment your meat choices. My favorite is the one on the bottom right called Green Goddess. It is a cream cheese based dip and goes great with the veggies!

The Melting Pot is a great place to go for special occasions. The atmosphere is very romantic and the food is delicious. The customer service is wonderful and we have never had a bad experience.
I would also like to mention that they run a happy hour promotion where they offer half price cheese and chocolate! The days/hours are Monday-Friday • 4 p.m.-7 p.m. & Friday and Saturday • 9 p.m.-11 p.m. Here is a link to the specials & events.

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