Super Food Truck

My friend Karen and I tried out Super Food Truck last week. For starters, the truck design is awesome! It looks like a comic book and is very inventive. We got there a little after 11am (when they open) but they weren’t open yet. We waited a little while and a car pulled up to unload some supplies. He told us that it would be 5-10 minutes before they were ready. We waited that amount of time and someone else came out and said another 5 minutes. It was around 11:40 when they opened, so we were a little peeved about that since we were only supposed to be taking a 30 minute lunch. To be fair, they are a newer truck, so I’m sure they are still trying to get a rhythm and work out the kinks. We said to each other that the food better be really good to make up for the wait…and I’m happy to say that it was!
I got the Turkey Pesto Panini and the Mac and Cheese Balls. The Panini was really good because every ingredient added a unique flavor to it. The turkey was cut thick and had a seasoned crust on it. This set it apart from every other Panini out there, then they went and added prosciutto, avocado, arugula, tomato and mozzarella cheese! The Panini was on a sourdough bun, and was a meal in itself….then I ate the Mac and Cheese Balls and didn’t care how full I was! Those things are in the top 10 best things that I have ever eaten. They are Orzo pasta balls stuffed with cojita cheese, roasted peppers, mascarpone cheese and shredded pork. They are served with a dipping sauce but you don’t really need it because they are so good by themselves!

Verdict – Liked it. I can’t wait to go back and try the Slow Roasted Pulled Pork Quesadilla. I had a hard time deciding between the 2, but I was very happy with the Panini. Who knows, next time I might just get 3 orders of the mac and cheese balls! Don’t judge.

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