On The Fly Sandwiches & Stuff (Food Truck)

I have heard great things about On The Fly, but since they are always downtown I was never able to get over there…until now! They are parked on the corner of Adams and Jefferson about a block from the new courthouse. I was a little worried about going downtown because of the parking situation, so I was very relieved to find that they have their own parking lot! Very convenient! I walked up and started to check out the menu. Everything on there looked good, so it was a hard decision. I really wanted the crabcake sliders but they were sold out, so I ended up getting the Mahi Mahi tacos. I was thinking that I should have ordered something else as a side item, but I was being cheap so I didn’t do it. Well I’m glad I didn’t because these tacos are pretty big! The 2 tacos are filled to the max and take up an entire Styrofoam box! I had to bust out the knife and fork to eat these, but that didn’t bother me at all. The fish was cooked perfectly and their OTF sauce is insanely good!

Imagine my excitement when the very next day I was surfing around on Facebook and saw that the crabcake sliders were back! So, of course I had to go back and get them! They were everything I imagined and more! The crabcakes were a nice size and very flaky/tender. I am a very weird eater from way back, so I liked that there were onion straws on the sandwich. I was one of those kids that put chips on my sandwiches (still am actually), so I am always pretty excited when I can find sandwiches with weird toppings J

I had high expectations for On The Fly, and I’m very happy to say that they lived up to them! If you are ever in the area (hopefully for just jury duty and not defending yourself in court!!), you have to give them a try!!
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