Tres Leches (CLOSED)

Tres Leches recently moved to Riverside, so I decided to check them out for lunch. I already knew that they have delicious desserts, but I was eager to try their lunch selections. They are located on the corner of Stockton and Myra St. With it being a corner location, they do a great job at maximizing their space by offering outdoor seating as well as indoor. While they have great dessert items, this post will only showcase their lunch offerings. l have a completely different post on desserts coming soon :)
I had a hard time deciding on what I wanted, so I ended up getting a third lunch item for us to split :) I got the Spanish Tortilla (meatless) for my main item and a House Lime-n-ade
 The Spanish Tortilla is actually not a tortilla at all, it’s more like a casserole stuffed with potatoes and cheese. YUM! It doesn’t look like a huge meal, but I was struggling to finish it…and then I had to eat the other item I ordered, a ham and cheese Cachito! This reminded me of a Stromboli. The dough was so soft and almost melted in your mouth. There was a good amount of ham and cheese as well.

Ivan got a Beef Empanada (they are HUGE!) He was very pleased with his and was also struggling to finish eating everything!

Now that I work in the area, I can see Tres Leches becoming one of my usual lunch spots. I mean really, lunch followed by a ridiculously delicious dessert…it doesn’t get much better than that!
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