Jacksonville Sharks Recap 6/18

So we are a good chunk of the way through the Jacksonville Sharks season and I have been having a great time at the games! I have been eyeing the Mister Softee stand since the first game, so I made sure to stop by at the last game.  I got a waffle cone with chocolate/vanilla swirl ice cream. The ice cream was soft serve and was pretty good. Since I watched the worker make my cone without gloves on, I ate the ice cream and ended up throwing the cone away.

Each theme night has been great and it’s really fun to see the fans get into it! On Halloween in June, I saw all kinds of costumes, and the cheerleaders were dressed up as well. 

Half time was a performance by fire spinners, and was pretty cool. They turned off all of the lights and they started spinning!

The Sharks games always have fun events going on throughout the games. During one competition, one of the mascots came out onto the field. He is an inflatable shark and makes me laugh so hard. He just looks funny to me. 

Here is the schedule showing the remainder of the theme nights:

July 23 vs. Los Angeles KISS
Theme: Christmas in July – Get in the holiday spirit with a Santa suit or elf costume as we deck the halls in the middle of summer.
Special Event: Performance from the Junior Attack Dance Team.

July 31 vs. Tampa Bay Storm
Theme: 70's/Disco Night – Bringing back bell bottoms, paisley print and platform shoes, come celebrate with us as we moove and groove to the rythm of the beat. The first 1,000 kids in attendance (12 and under) will receive retro tin lunchboxes!
Special Event: Halftime performance from the Boogie Freaks.

I also want to point out that each game has a few different promotions going on that can get you free food!! 



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