My Dreams Cuban Café (CLOSED)

I have been on the hunt for a good Cuban sandwich for a while. While Florida has some great Cuban food, it’s all down south near Miami. I came across My Dreams Cuban Café and was intrigued. Could this be the Cuban food I was looking for? The answer is a very enthusiastic YES!

MY husband and I visited on a Saturday afternoon completely by chance. We had planned on going somewhere else, but something came up and we were scrambling to find somewhere to eat. My Dreams only had a few reviews online, but they were all really good so we decided to go for it! It was around 1pm on a Saturday when we visited. The restaurant is super small and only has a few tables plus bar seating. They are located in a strip mall off of Southside Blvd on Beach, and are the epitome of a hole in the wall restaurant. We grabbed a seat and one of the ladies came over to take our order. She asked (in Spanish) if we spoke Spanish and luckily, I had my husband with me (who is from Puerto Rico). We ordered a Cuban Sandwich, Media Noche sandwich, and a Lechon w/Tostones plate. We already loved the vibe and were pretty sure that we were in for a good meal, but we had no idea just how good it was going to be. When the food arrived I watched my husband’s eyes light up when he saw the sandwiches. The bread looked really authentic, and that’s 90% of what makes a good Cuban sandwich so we were thrilled. He took a bite of the Cuban, then rattled off a sentence in Spanish that I’m sure had some curse words in it. I took a bite of my Media Noche and had a very similar reaction. This sandwich was the real deal!! The bread was perfect and the sandwich rivaled any of the ones you could find in Miami. I was floored. It’s pretty hard to get me that excited about a sandwich, and this place did it.
Cuban Sandwich

Media Noche

We were also completely enamored with the Lechon with Tostones. The pork was some of the best I have had in my life. It almost caused a fight because my speed eater husband finished his sandwich before me, then inhaled the pork while I only got a few bites. The only reason that he still lives is because this same pork was inside of my Media Noche. The tostones were also a standout for us. They were large and fresh, and had a garlic butter drizzled over the top.

Verdict: Loved it!!
 We have found the best Cuban sandwich in Jacksonville! We loved everything about this place, it was truly authentic. They do have wonky hours, so make sure you check on that before you go. Everything online shows Mon-Sat 7am-7pm, but the sign on the door says Mon-Sat 7am-5pm. I can't wait until the next Saturday that my husband and I have off together...I know exactly where I will be!

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