European Street Cafe

Last night we visited one of our regular spots, European Street Cafe on Beach Blvd. We love European Street because the food is great and they always remember us when we come in. My husband usually orders one of his two favorite entrees - Dunderschmitt Hero or Pastrami and Roast Beef Club. Today, he decided to be different and ordered the Fiery Turkey Hero. He said that it wasn't too hot and had a good flavor to it. It also came with a side of salsa, so he was all excited about that.

I kept it boring and got my usual, a bowl of Beer Cheese soup (breadsticks included) with a side of chips. The soup is very creamy and cheesy. They have daily soup specials, but Beer Cheese is there every day! 
I love the breadsticks and chips because I am a "dunker", so the spoon always goes untouched! 

European Street has a pretty big menu so you can always find something that you will like. I can also recommend the Monster German Wiener (they also sell MGW shirts and I am a proud owner of one!) The MGW is basically a HUGE hot dog. It is delicious, but you will be struggling to eat it all!

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