My Favorite Desserts!! Happy Cup and CamiCakes

Let me start this post with my favorite place in the world Happy Cup Frozen Yogurt Bar in Tinseltown!! Happy Cup is a self serve frozen yogurt bar that offers homemade yogurt made with organic ingredients. They rotate their flavors and have a nice balance of tart vs. non-tart flavors. My favorite flavor is Cookies and Cream and yes, it does taste as good as it sounds! Once you have your yogurt, you head over to the toppings area where you will find everything from nuts and sprinkles, to fruit and candy. When you have finished your creation, put your cup on the scale and pay by the ounce. There are many different yogurt places around town, but I think Happy Cup is the best. Everyone else uses premade mixed and Happy Cup makes everything themselves. Plus, it is locally owned and operated so I like giving them my business.
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Next up is CamiCakes in Tinseltown! If you have never been there, you are the only one in Jacksonville who hasn't! CamiCakes has a steady flow of customers at all hours of the day. They are located right next to Happy Cup and it is always a tough decision for me which door to go sometimes it's both :) CamiCakes offers at least 10 different cupcakes in their store. Between me and my husband we have tried them all with no complaints! Today they were offering Key Lime as a new tester item. My husband is a Key Lime lover, so I had to buy him one.

The other cupcakes in the box are Classic Cami Signature Chocolate on Chocolate (top row), Chocolate Coconut Pecan (bottom left), and CinnaSwirl (bottom right).

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